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by: Borsalino of Italy


The Panama Quito hat is crafted in a handsome hue with a large brim, grosgrain tonal color hatband and signature Borsalino logo. Hand-made by our artisans in Alessandria, Italy. 


Style #BOR14 1088 Natural/Hazelnut Hatband

Brim:  7.5 cm  /  2.95 in

Hatband: 4 cm / 1.57 in

The Panama Quito

  • Rituals have purpose. To care for your Borsalino, follow these tips:

    • To maintain shape, lift using both front and back brim with both hands. Don't take from the dome. 
    • Avoid hanging on the same side. 
    • To remove dust, use a dry soft cloth. 
    • To keep the straw elastic, gently dab with a damp cloth or use water-cooled spray. 
    • To remove small straw stains, with a few drops of cleansing milk on your fingers, apply light circular motion to the affected area. 
    • To remove internal Moroccan band stains, rub gently with a white cloth soaked in a small amount of Avio stain remover, avoiding the Borsalino logo. 
    • If it gets wet, dab with a soft cloth and dry in a ventilated place away from direct light and heat. 
    • If rollable, don’t leave folded for more than 48 hours. 
    • Keep away from direct light, humidity and heat. 
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