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The Tulip Slip-on Shoe

Ilse Jacobsen, entrepreneur, creative director and designer, founded the company ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK in 1993 based in Hornbæk, Copenhagen. Her goal is to create beauty that is simple and useful. The brand focuses on high quality and well-thought-out functionality, so that everyday life will be experienced better and more straightforwardly.

This Tulip shoe by Ilse Jacobsen is perfect for any occasion. 

Here is a list of the many benefits:

  • extremely lightweight

  • its practical & versatile

  • very comfortable

  • great appearance

  • flexible outsole

  • made of natural rubber

  • upper has laser cut pattern

  • its extremely breathable

  • ideal for travel

  • made of recycle microfibre

  • comes in many great colours

  • has matching stitching

  • upper is made without glue

  • modern & fashionable

  • a wardrobe essential

  • good quality 

  • value for money 

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