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Imported from Italy by First Street Leather



    Have you ever tried reading Gabs backwards?


    Gabs, a reinterpretation of the fashion world! In a nutshell? Transformation, an interplay of colors and a special flair.


    Gabs is an idea, a lifestyle built around a new way of conceiving fashion, a unique world combining originality and authenticity to always create a new style. This transformation starts with its name: all you need to do is swap two letters and the word BAGS changes to Gabs. Gabs was established in 2000. Selling an idea in the form of a bag, whereby the container changes according to the needs of the person wearing it.


    A brilliant idea that is still unique and inimitable. Seemingly simple and functional materials, colors and shapes: these are the key elements of this offering. Each collection features original and versatile prints. Gabs is renewing its offering as a High-Profile Fashion brand that is able to win over a demanding audience seeking must-have accessories to complement their look. Gabs: Made in Italy stands for creativity, innovation and high-quality materials.

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