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by: Borsalino of Italy


The Panama hat has a semi-ventilated perforated design, bears a large free brim with brass Borsalino logo plate. Each Panama hat is completely hand crafted by our fine artisans in Alessandria, Italy and may have slight variants to the final design. 


Style #BOR23 3054
*Because each piece is completely handcrafted, there may be slight varients to the final design.



The Brisa Panama Vented Crown

  • Rituals have purpose. To care for your Borsalino, follow these tips: 

    To maintain shape, lift using both front and back brim with both hands. Don't take from the dome. Avoid hanging on the same side. To remove dust, use a dry soft cloth. To keep the straw elastic, gently dab with a damp cloth or use water-cooled spray. To remove small straw stains, with a few drops of cleansing milk on your fingers, apply light circular motion to the affected area. To remove internal Moroccan band stains, rub gently with a white cloth soaked in a small amount of Avio stain remover, avoiding the Borsalino logo. 

    If it gets wet, dab with a soft cloth and dry in a ventilated place away from direct light and heat. 
    If rollable, don’t leave folded for more than 48 hours. 
    Keep away from direct light, humidity and heat.

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