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    About Mauritius Leather

    Mauritius in Lingen Germany was founded by Juergen Raberg 50 years ago.  As a leather maker himself,  he understood the intricacies of working with lambskin pelts.  He understood the finishing,  the polishing,  the cutting, the workmanship that makes a great leather piece.  


    Over 50 years much has changed.  The company has grown to become the top leather company in Europe. The company is now owned by Juergen's son and daughter, Christian and Katrin, both who have lived leather all their lives and bring a modern mentality to the solid European business.  They are looking now to growing globally and becoming the largest leather company in the world.  They continue to produce amazing product,  managed by a creative and expert design team.  Men's and women's jackets are made to today's fashion standards with yesterdays commitment to quality.  

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