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"In my earliest memories I am playing with scraps of leather under the craft bench in the  "50s leather shop where my mom, Toni Ray, learned her trade.  She taught me that it all begins with the craft of leather and the belief that possessions we own are made better with the richness of experience"



Toni Ray Cashes in Her Life Savings and Starts HOBO

After 20 years building legendary leather shops, Toni Ray starts all over again. With the last of her savings and a belief that quality and cool never go out of style, HOBO is born.

She chooses the name HOBO to celebrate the legendary spirit of the American hobos who followed their own path and lived by a code of hard work and kindness in pursuit of the next adventure.


The Lauren Clutch-Wallet Was Born 

The original kiss-lock wallet-clutch designed to hold it all and get you through every day with grace, style and confidence. After many years, Lauren has reached coveted collectors' status and earned a place in the hearts of over 1.5 million women.

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