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Claim your piece of the American dream with this Stetson 42nd Street straw fedora. Inspired by the hit Broadway musical 42nd Street, it's the song and dance fable of an American dream come to life. This Stetson straw fedora is fashionable enough to be used in the play, playing homage to an age Americans won't soon forget. For fans of the stingy brim, the hat has a 1.75" brim with a slight curl. It's more of a trilby fedora with the low profile. A teardrop crown and a pinched front crown are appropriate fedora features. When you wear this topper you will feel confident with its braided palm straw design and the 1.5" satin band with bow and round hat pin. The inside sweatband is padded cotton and super comfortable.

Stetson - The 42d St Palm Braid

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