Mauritius - The Christy Womens' Jacket - Everybody is a Star!

Mauritius - The Christy Womens' Jacket - Everybody is a Star!


Everybody is a Star! Star spangled 21.5" assymetrical moto jacket. The stars are distressed off- white and reverse appliqued on the back.

Contrasting color peeks from the inside of each zippered pocket.Color also pops from inside the zipperedf cuffs and under the collar. The hand of this leather is butter soft... one of the most fun jackets you will ever own!


Colors available:

  • Vintage black with red contrast details
  • Distressed navy with red contrast details ( The navy is a great color and will appear black at night- my favorite )
  • Distressed red with black contrast details
  • Butter soft vintage lambskin
  • 100% Cotton lining with satin acetate sleeve lining for easy movment
  • 21 1/2" center back length in the medium
  • Inside secure zippered pocket
  • 1/2 " zipper cuff detail
  • Inside lining quotation: Be Kind/ Stay Humble/ Work Hard/ Smile Often/ Keep Honest- listed vertically, line by line, printed shinny black on black cotton 
  • 4 pockets. 3 outside one secure zippered inside
  • Slightly over-sized fashion zipper 'pulls.'
  • Two cute 3" long Moto 'kidney belt' details on left and right hip
  • Caring for lambskin/ cleaning with water

    Lambskin is inherently soft, effortless to move in and feels wonderful to touch and wear. It is not a dense, tight grained skin and as such is very soft and flexible. Also, since it is so soft, it is not scuff resistant (does not make good everyday knock-around shoes- cowhide is better here). It does make great fashion jackets that you will be proud of for years. 

    Lambskin is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, or even more water if needed. Should you have an accident, if the  problem is water soluble- soda spilled on a sleeve for example- it is easily dealt with by getting the problem- soda in this case- into suspension with water and evacuating it from the leather. Don't rub hard and risk physically damaging the skins- use more water. The water will always dry without a mark. On light colored skins it can leave a 'ring' at the edge of the 'what was wet' and dry border. If this happens, re-wet the entire panel- seam to seam- and let it dry. All this being said... Yes, you can wear lambskin in the rain. A rain coat is smarter,  but your jacket will survive.


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