Campomaggi - Small Italian Pouchette

Campomaggi - Small Italian Pouchette


Reaching down and caressing the softness of your Orosei top zip, small envelope bag is but one of the many pleasures she will share with you. The studs and stones, each set by hand, recall the small shells that tickled your bare feet as you walked along the sandy shore of the Gulf of Orosei, Sardinia.

Available in  nero (black)  and t. moro, a rich, handstained dark brown.

Style #CAMC000210ND X1269


20x16 cm / 7.9 x 6.3 inches


- Piece-dyed cowhide leather 

- Top zipped closure,

- Removable adjustable leather shoulder strap 

- Secure inside zippered pocket 

- Silver tone hardwear

- Branded leather patch on back

- Hand made and hand embellished in Italy


  • Caring for your Campomaggi

    For conserving your Campomaggi accessory is recommended to keep it in a dry place and away from sunlight as the sun's rays may change the color of the leather. Do not leave it in contact with moisture for a long time and do not use any type of detergent to wash it. After prolonged disuse, buff the leather with a dry cotton or wool  cloth  to restore its beauty and shine.

    The leather used for Campomaggi accessories is very easy to clean: simply brush it with a damp cloth to draw out its color and shine. Please avoid washing your accessory at home and avoid using any detergents because these  may damage leather or fabric details.  Please remember to check the result of any treatment in a small and hidden section of the bag to avoid damages on the whole bag.

  • Campomaggi "piece-dying" Explained

    Campomaggi creations are created by hand using a 
    piece-dyeing process. This unique technique ensures
     that each bag, bracelet or belt has it's own
     unrepeatable shades and color reflections.
    This process deliberately presents stains 
    due to brushing, which shouldn't be be considered
     as defects, but as typical results of this method,
     which makes every Campomaggi creation 
    unique and exclusive.

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