Mauritius - Tyree Women's Bomber Style Jacket

Mauritius - Tyree Women's Bomber Style Jacket

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Butter soft black lambskin 'baseball' jacket with knit cuffs and knit waistband. Clean and classic, an easy jacket to wear all seasons.


  • Butter soft lambskin
  • Classic 'baseball' styling
  • Knit cuffs and waist
  • 21" center back length
  • Silver zipper detailing
  • 2 zipper handwarmer pockets
  • Body cotton lined, sleeves acetate lined for easy movement


  • Caring for lambskin/ Cleaning with water

    Lambskin is inherently soft, effortless to move in and feels wonderful to touch and wear. It is not a dense, tight grained skin and as such is very soft and flexible. Also, since it is so soft, it is not scuff resistant (does not make good everyday knock-around shoes- cowhide is better here). It does make great fashion jacklets that you will be proud of for years. 

    Lambskin is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, or even more water if needed. Should you have an accident, if the  problem is water soluble- soda spilled on a sleeve for example- it is easily dealt with by getting the problem- soda in this case- into suspension with water and evacuating it from the leather. Don't rub hard and risk physically damaging the skins- use more water. The water will always dry without a mark. On light colored skins it can leave a 'ring' at the edge of the 'what was wet' and dry border. If this happens, re-wet the entire panel- seam to seam- and let it dry. All this being said... Yes, you can wear lambskin in the rain. A rain coat is smarter,  but your jacket will survive.