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Making a Wallet

hide selected.jpg
wallet parts.jpg

The calfskins are first inspected to insure quality. The cutter skillfuly selects the best part of the hide for each particular panel and die cuts the pattern. 

Each panel edge is then skived and glued into place by hand. Fabric lining is glued onto panels as called for. The gluing insures that the leather and lining do not move while being machine stitched by hand.

glueing parts.jpg

The skived edges are then hand rolled and tapped flat. Some edges will rollover others in assembly. No edge shall be left unfinished. 

sewing wallet.jpg
stitching compartments.jpg

Panels are hand sewn together.Leather is unforgiving-every stitch, every needle hole must be perfect or the item is not correct. There cannot be 'do overs.'

Here the left and right credit card panels are being assembled before being attached to the larger panel of a men's billfold.

finished wallet.jpg

The finished product is then hand buffed and polished and packaged for shipment from Tuscany to First Street leather!

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